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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Ode to a Mango Duet

Mango Duet is
both orange and white, with stick
bought from man on bike!

As of last week, I have left Nick in the traveling companionship of one Mr. Louis-Philippe, our very capable neighbor from the North. Ever since we met Louis over a month ago in Sikkim, our lives have been one long experimental haircut. As I left them to their exploration of greater Rajasthan, Amritsar, and the infamous rat temple, I dubbed them the Mango Duet, a delicious mango-flavored dreamsicle concoction sold by Kwality Walls all throughout India. Cool, refreshing, and always on the verge of melting, they are two great tastes that go together.

This is Louis-Philippe: Quebecois, Greek, New Wave

The first of many haircuts performed in guest houses.
Confidential to Nick: Do you have any hair left?

Team Minnesota would like to wish you both the safest of travels throughout Punjab: may you always have an upper-berth and may all your samosas stay above the floor.



Seriously, what is up with that dude's moustache in the second picture down?

11:19 AM


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